Saturday, February 09, 2013

9 days

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our last conversation was on the last Friday
when he asked me to wait for him until April
he didn't say that i should not contact him at all
but still i get his point, i know what he means by the word waiting

as now is 1.06 am in the morning
so friday has met another friday
it has been 9 days since we last talked to each other
i miss him a lot that tears are dropping slow on my cheeks

i will wait for him for as long as i can
as long as he wants me to wait for him
i dont know the date in APRIL tu
but i will wait until 30th April

if only you know how hard this is for me
you won't have the heart to do this to me
fortunately i have someone who has never left me
mukmin, for two years and for the oncoming days

you once asked me about him
until when will i befriend him
now is the time to answer
he is my friend, true friend till Jannah

you know what, he loves me much much more than you do
why must i leave gold for mere metal
of course not la kan?
but still you are a precious metal for me

so stupid of me for willing to do this stupid waiting
for an idiot like you!!! you know what
i hate you for making me love you!!!


  1. When we wake up in the morning, we
    have two simple choice.
    Go back sleep and dreams, or wake up and
    chase those dreams.
    Choice is yours …

  2. Sometimes we need hear what our heart says. Love is pure. It is how we get it, and it matters because it will remembered forever.

  3. i seriously understang and know how does it feel to wait... sob sob sob...suddenly me myself rasa sedey pulak...

  4. @waiman takwa tak nak dia dah,,, that is what i want, to not want him anymore..

  5. @Farah Waheda Wahid now, i want to put an end to this stupid waiting.

  6. @xila dot yup,, HE saves the best for the last...

  7. keep waiting long as u can..or even as long as u can't..:)

  8. @Encik H no,, i dont want,, i am so much afraid that waiting gives me nothing at the end,,, perit giler,,

  9. @Encik H aku dah anta msj kat dia dengan penuh kekasarannya. no respond jugak. tak mungkin dah aku ngan dia weh. tak de jalan penyelesaian dah pun.