Monday, February 04, 2013

diamonds they have in them

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since i was young i had never gone back home by bus
every month, every chance of going home, there would be somebody to fetch me
once, i really wanted to go back by bus, with my friends
but now that i have to use bus every week, i really regret what i had been wishing for before

still, when we change, when we move out of our comfort zone
we can see the world in a wider view
we can meet a lot of people, a lot of behaviours that we have never thought exist all this while
and for me this picture below is what i can a good thing that follows hardness in life

amboi mulut yang gegel tu,, kecik-kecik dah pandai duck face and peace no war ye,,,

i met these three little diamonds when i was waiting for the bus to go home
they were so cute that i could not get my eyes from them
the two smaller ones were catching each other
the taller one was just there when i wanted to take their pic

i can't stand looking at children, cute little children
is this normal or it shows that i have to get married and have one of my own as fast as i can. hik.
or is it because i am going to be a teacher soon that this kind of feeling suddenly exists in me
i don't know, many possibilities and i dont care much to know,,

ps- i miss him. a lot. i dont want to wait until April. but i am actually waiting. i know...


  1. budak tomey semua org suka...sian si gegel tak leh buat peace....

  2. biasalah tu we grow up to be a woman...transition from gurls to a woman... all those kind of feelings will suddenly appear...

    like kids? me too! ^_^

    1. Sangt amat suka... Kecuali time dorg nangis.. Haha

  3. @madammondoq tak sure la pulak madam,, hehe.. maybe la,,

  4. kau ni sebenarnya kuat tau muja..:)

  5. @Encik H eh,, ttiba je datang bagi semangat,, kih3,, aku dah putus asa dah pun,,