Thursday, February 28, 2013

do you know what is the meaning of privacy?

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actually this has been recurring for so many times
but only tonight i feel wanting to share with all of you, sorry i am late
what will you feel when someone out of a sudden send you messages
then we ask their names, they refuse to tell us

i dont mind people come greet me seriously i dont
i am single anyway ahaks! :D
but i dont like mysterious people!
i hate people who refuse to answer to my questions. :)

ok the situation is like this
i get a message or a phone call
then i answer, then i ask'who is this'
then he answers 'you are muja right?'

then i ask 'is there anything i can help?'
then he answers 'can i know you deeper?'
then i ask 'how did you get my number'
then he answers 'someone gave me'

does he answer my questions??? no. :) so, i hate him.. oppsss,, i hate them i mean.

have i told you how much i hate mystery????
i dont watch mysterious films
i dont befriend mysterious people
i dont be in mysterious places

do you get how i hate mystery? good :D

i hate it when somebody knows my name but i dont know his
i hate it when somebody knows everything about me but i dont even know his name
i hate it when i am talking like a clueless person when he seems to know a lot
i hate it when i dont know anything!!!
but i am facing lots of mysterious cases few days back

who is the culprit who really love to spread my hp number? so many unknown numbers makes me fed up
who are they who dont give up calling me even though i ignore them? they, not he. 'they' shows more than one.
what are their intentions? to humiliate me? to test my faith? to test my loyalty? to test whether i am a player type?
who is the girl saying that she is my exbf's gf? even my friends at my bf's place dont know her. how does she even exist?
who is the one i talked to that night as my ex bf said he knows nothing about the conversation? ni yang the weirdest of all.
if he was the one i talked to, why did he ask me about that thing? is he senile at very young age? why must he lie?
what is happening with my chaotic life?

everything seems illogical!!!

to unknown people who suddenly exist in my life without faces

please stop bothering me and do bother other people. who knows they might like being bothered but not me
please stop spreading my hp number because it is so much annoying. do show me some respect. of course you also want people to respect you.
please stop pretending to be so nice when you are actually cruel. yes you are. you are interfering other people's life.
please stop all the nonsense you have been doing. hey.. texting people who you dont know is ridiculous ok??
please stop whatever plans you have in your mind whether to humiliate me or whatever. i dont bother your life. dont bother mine.
most importantly, please stop being A COWARD seriously.

aku benci anonymous @ unknown @ orang aku tak kenal tapi wat2 bajet kenal aku!!!!!


  1. mat saleh ke yg call tu muja...hihi :P (gurau2 je jgn marah...)

    apa2 pun kalau dia taknak kasik tau nama boleh cakap kat dia muja nak buat polis report sebab gangguan seksual...

  2. haish... jahat sungguh itu orang... mmg menyakitkan hati je. Akak pun sll gak kena sampai skrg. Cadangan enci +Hatimi Tahiruddin tu amat bernas. akak pun bleh coba gak nanti. Sabar ye dik

  3. muja femes sgt kot...hehehe

  4. @Hatimi Tahirruddin tak de la macm tu sekali,,, tapi geram je,, dh banyak sangat misterinya,, tanya tk nk jwb,, grrr

  5. @Ieta Mat Saad tengah sabar la ni,, malu kot no hp kena jaja,,

  6. @Ieta Mat Saad saje je ni,, hehe,, rasa best lak buat perenggan cmni instead of perenggan biasa tu,,

  7. So, don't asnwer them.

    The solution is simple. Cuma kita je muja.

    Macam lana, nombor tak dikenali, memang lana takkan jawab, baik sms or calling. Selagi tak perkenalkan diri, lana ignore je ^_^