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Critical Review on Why Hitler Hated Jews

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ok dah lama sebenarnya aku nak buat benda ni tapi selalu terlupa. aku selalu terfikir untuk share aku punya writings to all people and this is one of the best la sebab bila aku antar je this article lecturer siap kena buat checking for plagiarism. i am so very proud bout that and i want to share with all of you yang sudi la nak baca article yang ilmiah tu tak sangat tapi boleh la. hope it gives some input to you.

why did he hate jews???

Critical Review on Why Hitler Hated Jews
This article I chose entitled Why Hitler Hated Jews is mainly about the reasons why Adolf Hitler, a historical German soldier who became a powerful totalitarian leader, hated the Jews so much that caused the genocide of hundreds thousands of Jews. He was ruthless and had no mercy when it came to dealing with a Jew. It is said that the hatred towards Jews at that time was a normal thing to happen as every part of the world hated Jews for what they were and what they had done. No country would like to have outsiders wandering on its land. So, the writer wanted to emphasise that it was not a bizarre thing as being mentioned by people all over the world. It was written by Jonjayray on the . He used a different perspective of seeing the causes that makes this article very interesting to read.

Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany, was born on April 20th 1889 in a small Austrian town called Braunau, near to the German border. His father, Alois, was short-tempered, strict and brutal. It is known that he frequently hit the young Hitler. Alois was determined that Hitler was not going to go down the same round. Hence he used brutal approach to bringing up Hitler. He grew up in unbearable hardships. He became a powerful unbeatable leader in German but yet was loved very dearly by his people for what he was and what he did. It was a very interesting ironic situation.
Adolf Hitler once said,“The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it.
From his background, it is not very peculiar or bizarre for Adolf Hitler to become a very harsh, strict, and seemingly cruel man in leading his life. He was brought up under a circumstance that shaped and moulded him to become the person who he was during his era. His growing up was already a terrible one. Indeed, nothing good to be mentioned about his childhood accept for him to have a loving mother who he loved the most in his life. He had a cruel father. He was kicked out of school. He lost her beloved mother. He was a penniless orphan at a very young age. He had no place to live in. He had no one to lean and depend on. He was lonely and regarded the world as cruel. He lived all by himself. He decided everything himself as there was no one for him to refer to. This was probably the reason why he did not think what he did towards the Jews as wrong as long as he had his own concrete reasons in doing that. He quoted that. “He alone, who owns the youth, gains the future.”
 As I went through the article, I can say that hatred that had been accumulating in him since the very beginning of his life caused him to hate Jews as terribly as he did. His childhood became the starting point for his hatred to accumulate towards Jews. He most probably hated his father to the core as he was being abused since young. He did not have the chance to taste the sweetness of his own childhood. He did not get the love each child was supposed to have. He lived in great terror and fear every day of his life. So, it was easy for him to hate anybody as he had been taught to hate. Not long after his father’s death, his beloved loving mother was diagnosed to have cancer and she left him alone at the age of 18. Despite having treated so costly and painfully by a Jewish doctor, she died and the incident really gave a big impact on him. He was too young to carry the burden all by himself. He was inclined to generalise all the Jews as cruel for being the cause of his mother’s death. It got worse day by day when he saw Jews creating problems and causing troubles in his beloved country, German.
Besides, it was his unimaginable, strong patriotism made him hate the Jews. Strong patriotism and love towards country made someone willing to do anything and sacrifice everything for the sake of his country. As one of thousands of citizens, patriotism is a must for us to have in our inner self as our nation is our identity and it is where our ancestors and we were brought up and going to be the place for the future generations to continue the legacy. We should not let our country to be taken away by outsiders just because we have the so-called sympathy for them. This is how Adolf Hitler thought at that time. Hitler had the gut to do all in his might to protect his beloved country from being defeated by other nations or people, especially the Jews. The Jews came from out of nowhere begging for a place to stay. Despite being the refugees, the Jews became the cause of the splitting of the Germans by their preaching of class war. As a very patriotic nationalist, Hitler could not stand seeing silently without acting. He would not have the heart to continue to watch civil wars to occur like what happened between the “Reds” and the other Germans which was caused by the Jews. He thought a lot for his nation. He really did.
He once said, “What good fortune for governments that the people do not think.”
Moreover, it is about the quality of possessiveness that each one of us has that made Hitler hated the Jews. Possessiveness makes us feel obligated to take care of something and protect it from any kind of danger. When we are being possessive, we will not want to share things we own with others who are not even related to us. When we are possessive also, we will find that it is hard to believe other people even just to take care of our possession for a while. This was what happened to Hitler. It is undeniable that Hitler was a very possessive incredible man. He considered German as his beloved country despite Austria was where he was born. He was possessive that he wanted to have his country all by himself and his people only. He did not want any intruders and outsiders who eventually would stab them from the back.  He became suspicious towards the Jews from what he read and what he saw with his own eyes. He did not want his people to be harmed. He loved his people to that extent that he never let a single German went hungry.
Other than that, it is normal for a normal human being like Hitler to hate people who caused destruction to his beloved country. Who would remain calm seeing his own country in chaos? Who would sit still looking at his country collapse? During post war, communism rose, and Communist movements rioted in the cities, some of them led by Jews. He was at that time a strong typical anti-Semantic and he got provoked by happenings that happened in his beloved country. He did not want his people to continue living belied by the scapegoat called Jews. Jews came into any country and they would not go out until they created chaos there. It was the same situation happened in German. The Jews preached the Germans about class war with the intention to loosen the strong structure of German and tried to make German as theirs. Fortunately, Hitler became the one who noticed the situation and took drastic actions to kill thousands of Jews in order to save his country. He was possessive that he did what he did for the good of his nation.
In my opinion, it is not a mistake for people to hate the Jews especially the Zion who have been creating chaos from hundreds years ago. They seem to be very proud to torture people with what they do and keep on doing that up to this date. Rothschild, a Jew who became the pioneer of banking system that has been putting people in serious debt problem because of its very unreasonable high interest. Rich people keep on being richer and poor people keep on being poorer with the existence of this interest system. Rothschild once said,
Give me the control of the credit of a nation, and I care not who makes the laws.
            We can see also the destruction the Zion are doing now in Palestine. They are so ungrateful that they have forgotten the good deed done by the Palestinian for them. The Palestinians allowed them to build their life on their land and the Zion end up fighting with the Palestine people. We can see here how terrible the behaviour of the Jews and we shall not belied by them as they are definitely ‘sweet talkers’ and must be extra careful when dealing with them in whatever area. They are a kind of people who always look for opportunities to fill their selfishness.
            Despite hating people, we still have to have the empathy and sympathy towards other people. People’s life is valuable. We should not kill each other anytime we like because this world is for everyone. War is not always the best solution as it just brings deaths and misery. Waging a war should be the last resort when we have no other ways to settle a problem. In war, parents lose their children and wives lose their husbands. Losing our family and friends is something we should avoid the most as they are precious and priceless to us.
            As the conclusion, the real reason for Hitler to deeply hate the Jews will remain unknown. We can only guess, but the real will be kept forever with his body.


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