Saturday, March 23, 2013

it is all about election now

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every four years i feel this thing happening around me
the feeling of being insecure with the surrounding
seriously this feeling, it is killing me
it hurts to think of the future of my life, family and students

the right party is saying bad things about the left party
bad mouthing each other does not seem to have an end
why don't focus on what we have as our strengths
rather than talking badly about what others have and don't have

do you get what i mean?
why don't focus of what we can give to the society
rather than pulling down the other party
get it now? good.

voting is crucial voting is important
not voting is letting undeserved people to rule
it is a guilt for us to let them rule
when we know they don't deserve the position

now, jom VOTE HERE. vote and you might win big. :D

1 comment:

  1. Yeap,election nowadays are getting more and more complicated..and obviously,people start to split into few party which is not good for our unity :)