Sunday, March 31, 2013

School-Based Experience (first day)

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before going to school, my sis and bro, still studying there, were very scared to have me in their school. malu katanya. siap tak nak walk to school together lagi. kemain ye kau budak! ggrrrrr.

today, i woke up at 6, ironed my baju kurung and tudung bawal to go to the school in front of my house. actually, it was my primary school. so excited meeting my teachers. hee.. hana pulak asyik woke up several times with no reasons sebab takut sangat with her unfinished homework. urrghhh,, kesian budak kecik bersaiz besar tu. by the way, we are having the same symptom hana. phobia of homework kot. tapi itu phobia yang agak berguna. baru la determined to finish them kan. heee

dah siap-siap dorang pakai baju sekolah bagai, aku still depan cermin tepek-tepek bedak. alahai sangat bebudak tu. of course la they had to wait for their sweet tembam kakak ni. hee... amir said that, now he has to admit things he found in facebook related to girls when they are preparing themselves to go out. hahaha. yela yela. esok aku bangun lagi awal. 5.30 am just for you amir. ok tak? satisfied? so that you dont have to wait for me makeuping lagi,, grrr

when i reached the school, i went straight away to the office, waiting for the headmaster but he did not arrive. then, teachers asked us to go for the school assembly. we went there. it was a vintage type of experience because i kind of felt the feeling when i was in school. hahaha,,, well,, i am back to school kan,, hehehe. there was a nasyid group presenting too. aduss. memory returns. dulu pernah jadi vocalist for nasyid group here. hee

this is a trainee teacher going for SBE. she is so afraid to get on the stage for the assembly but she is still forced to go up the stage. she is cute. this is the truth. hahaha *perasan overload!!!

mendengar mutiara kata daripada guru,, hari ni topik utamanya, school canteen, dont spit, dont litter, line up when buying food, dont run, dont buy during class hours. alahai,, i find it cute sangat listening to things like this. hehe

Mar 30, 2013 | by mujagirl92 on

my second video on keek presenting my sbe partner, faris ismail. he was my junior at sekolah kebangsaan bukit jawa. same batch with my sister, sumayah. kind of familiar but i dont know him. hahaa.. tetiba he said that his friends kim salam kat aku. aduss,, kenapa la orang je salu kenal aku, i dont know anybody. sebab tu kot abah salu marah dekat aku. hahaha

now waiting to go home at 12.45pm. just decided to go for continuous training for wataniah members this thursday so i have to finish all the assignments by this wednesday. hope things go well, as well as i want. the most important thing is, i have the strength to do the six assignments and the laziness to go and stay away from me,, hee :D


  1. Salam.

    Perghh, muja maju setapak dan bertapak2,hehehe, ada video dah dia ^_^

  2. heee,, video pendek,, ape la sangat,, huhu,,