Saturday, May 18, 2013

cara asas penjagaan kanta lekap

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i had read that looking for a good quality of contact lens is very important as our eyes are so much important. do take care of our eyes. dont go for cheap but low quality ones because they may endanger your eyes severely. so, today i want to share what i have read about taking care of our contact lenses.

ni la contact lens yang muja dah dapat daripada . dua pasang terus tau. hehe

taking care of  our eyes is about taking care of our contact lenses

  • it needs to be kept in its specific case. i bet semua dah kenal special container for contact lens ni. murah je. hari tu muja pernah beli RM1, then RM2. it depends.
  • inside the container kena la ada cecair khas for contact lens so that dia boleh diactivate kuman or jaga lens. 
  • selalu gantikan cecair tu. it will not be a waste pun . sikit je. setiap kali nak simpan, ganti cecair tu. sebotol cecair tu banyak la. jangan risau k.
  • selalukan juga basuh container tu. container kena kekal bersih. kalau boleh setiap kali tukar cecair. dengan sabun anti bac ke hape. yang strong sikit. kasi bersih.
  • time nak simpan lepas wearing contact lens all day long tu, celup dalam cecair and gosok-gosok sikit, and basuh lens so that kotoran hilang.
  • elakkan pakai contact lens lama sangat. contohnya sampai 12 jam in a row. tapi tak logic la kan, kita ada solat untuk disempurnakan. dont forget to take it out.
  • lastly, kalau contact lens tu for a month wear, elakkan la pakai sampai 3 months. mesti ada sebab kenapa boleh pakai sebulan je kan? :)
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