Saturday, June 01, 2013

cancellation hurts

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in our life, we always plan things despite knowing that we can't ensure of what will happen to us in the future. we have never been tired enough to plan as it is a norm to us to plan. there is a saying; if we failed to plan, we are actually planning to fail. perhaps this is the reason why we keep on planning and planning, hoping to achieve what we have planned. we should always remember that everything happens for a reason and everything that happens has its good reason to happen.

we plan to eat nasi goreng kampung but we end up eating nasi goreng ikan masin
we plan to go window shopping for 3 hours but end up spending 5 hours. there goes our study time
we plan to wear pink dress with black wedges but we end up wearing black dress with pink wedges
we plan to marry Aaron Aziz but we end up marrying Arun Azolalo. still, we have to accept everything because it is one of Pillars of Faith as a Muslim to believe in Qada and Qadar. we have to accept that everything is fated even we can pray for things to be better for us.

then today, we have plannned to go to Johor but we end up being at home mengadap laptop and this is what happening to me now. yeahhh, it is quite a sad thing. my youngest sister had been preparing for days to go there, planning to buy a lot of key chains for her friends, but she ends up be in front of tv watching Oh My English. my umi had been stressed up thinking about the trip. we slept very late last night out of excited then woke up at 4.30am and still it was not enough to ensure we get what we want to happen.

so, here i am. in kelantan. promoting my ga. wanna join? CLICK HERE.

ps- tak boleh nak letak smiley icon for today because Cancellation Hurts. xoxo

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