Tuesday, June 04, 2013

thank you miss for this VIDEO.

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few days back ni, muja jarang cerita tentang diri sendiri. asyik dok discover pasal komli la, jobdirumah la, untuk tatapan semua pembaca muja. harapnya semua entry tu bermanfaat untuk anda semua. so for today, datang lak mood untuk share ngan korang semua video yang one of my classmates buat about us, group TESL 2

TO ALANG, thank you so much for this video. it is so nice of you for putting great effort in making it for all of us. every moment of us being together is so much precious for me. each of us with our own uniqueness, 21 people, 21 different behaviors and yet we are still here, together in achieving our ambition to become teachers. i love you seriously!!! muahhhxxx!!! :D alang, in the time everyone seems to avoid me, you are there, always be beside me. thank you so much for your presence all this while. now, i dont feel as alienated as before. kih3. ok, there goes my secret.

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