Wednesday, June 12, 2013

the awkward moments


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the awkward moment is when my ex is commenting on the same fb status at the same time
pretending not to know each other even he is the one who knows me most of time
replying only to the owner of the status, ignoring each other's comments
even though his comments are the comments i read from the start to the end

the awkward moment is when my online best friend is also my ex's best friend
we are not friends on facebook but his display picture is everywhere in the newsfeed
it seems like everything that ever existed in our relationship is very hard to be deleted
how can i continue living as calm as before i know him if this is the situation i have to face?

the awkward moment is when my ex's ex girlfriend suddenly greets me, pretending to be close
talking to me just to tell me how bad my ex's boyfriend and his new girlfriend have been to her
does not she know that she is also the woman who stole my boyfriend from me, serve you right!
when i act nice to you, it does not mean i am your friend and vice verse

the awkward moment is when my closest person is telling nice things about my hatred someone
doesn't he or she know that i really really very very hate that person, it is impossible!
and yet, he or she keep on talking and saying and saying, making me sick of him or her
maybe there is an intention of befriending me and him or her but please dont.

the awkward moments keep of creating new forms of its kind
we as human beings cannot avoid
just live your life to the max
you will find happiness at the end


  1. it's hard to ignore...but we have to be strong enough to ignore...if not kita yang rasa uncomfortable... hu hu hu...