Thursday, October 10, 2013

When I'm Gone By Simple Plan and Missing Our Exes


When I'm Gone By Simple Plan and Missing Our Exes | Assalaamualaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakaatuh. Today I feel like writing here in English. Yeah, I am a future teacher, struggling to strengthen my English.

I hope you don't mind and I already know that there are people who are going to feel annoyed with my English writing about love. So, for that person, please stop reading till HERE ONLY.

As I was writing, I was actually listening to a love song entitled You're Gonna Miss Me When I'm Gone by Simple Plan. It is quite an old song but it is a nice one. I wrote its lyrics before and i am not going to rewrite it. It is an evergreen song that suits our love life forever.

Missing somebody is something that we keep on doing every moment of our life. However, we usually do this missing thing to a wrong person. Person that does not deserve, not worth to be missed. Someone who is missing somebody else, who does not miss us.

When I'm Gone by Simple Plan, missing my ex

Then, an idea came across my mind. It is about missing our exes. It is a normal scenario I guess but still people usually consider it should not be happening. Honestly, it is quite embarrassing when people know we are actually missing our exes.

Yeaah, we throw or we are thrown away and we still want to get back together? Huhhh. Terrible thing. It sucks missing somebody who are not ours anymore. Seriously, we may get into trouble missing him or her. 

As the Malays say; You Lick Your Own Spit. This phrase really shows the real situation actually especially to those who are the cause for the separation to happen, that someone who asked to break up.

You do not take what you have thrown away unless something happens makes you regret of what you have done. Desperation is the most perfect word for you. When this happens, believe me, people will start talking badly bout us but desperation is not forever bad for us. :)

Regretting is a terrible thing. We will not be at ease until everything is fixed and settled the way we want it to but it is not easy to correct things when they go wrong. So, think before you do. This is life, not Mathematics.

A crumpled paper will never have a smooth surface even after you have ironed it for 24 hours. It is the same with feelings. Once broken, it will never be the same again. It will never feel the way it felt before. Maybe it will be healed with forgiveness, but the memories will remain.

Missing exes does not only happen to those unmarried couples but also to those couples who have divorced. In fact, the effects may be more severe to them as married people have been spending most of their time together; from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they sleep.

It will not be easy to find out that you are sleeping alone after having a company sleeping with you for years. Gila Talak is the term given by Malays to those who want to get back together after separating with their spouses. There are people who go out of their way to get back together. Run amok and other cheap stuff. Yeaahhh, they are suffering actually but it is what they once wanted.

Usually, missing our exes happens because we are used to having somebody with us and suddenly, that someone goes missing. Separating is a big thing. We will not be able to adjust and adopt and adapt as easy as abc. We need time and during that period of time that we will really miss our exes. At that moment, we have to really make up our mind; try to forget or try to get back.

For those who want to forget:
Pray to Allah to erase all the sufferings as fast as possible. They will disappear. Trust me
Try to look at the bright side of breaking up; being single is not forever bad
Start doing things you love that will keep you busy so that you do not think much about it
Look for somebody better as a replacement so that you will not feel lonely
Avoid being alone that gives you a chance to recall all the memories. Get rid of all the presents.

For those who really want to get back together:

Pray to Allah for the best solution, for the best decision, for the best way
Make sure you will never make things that will make you repeat the same mistake
Make sure that your beloved is still liking you, not getting back together just to fill his time
Make sure you are going to make your spouse the happiest person on Earth
Make sure you will never regret your decision on getting back together

I really do not know why I wrote this entry. Maybe because I want to change my mind set of not forgiving somebody who is trying to be good to me after what he has done. After all, people do mistakes everyday in life. To err is human.

I am not saying that he wants to get back together with me but I can see his effort to correct things, to at least forgive and forget, but I do not give him even a chance. Maybe, I am afraid, afraid of getting hurt again. Maybe, he failed to convince me that he is a changed person. I do not know.

Seriously, it is some kind of phobia to simply accept one's apology. I really think that fixing something that is damaged is a hard thing. Please pray that we will be able to become friends again in future. Keep loving stop hating folks :) xoxo


  1. baik layan lagu blink182 - miss you pulak..hu3

    1. amboooiii,, dah jadi abah pun berjiwang lagi ye,, hehe

  2. Replies
    1. kengkadang, language affects our writings too. hehe

  3. eh mai dgr lgu blink 182 - i miss you kat post kedua :D
    mai laa mai laa

  4. Missing the exes eh. Hmm.. apa kata bnyk2 berdoa pada Allah semoga dikurniakan pasangan yg terbaik utk kita. Boleh jadi exe tu yg terbaik, kita x tau. Berdoa je la..

  5. Tak faham. Boleh tak camtu? Hehehe

    InshaAllah dalam hidup ini jatuh itu perlu untuk terus gagah berdiri di kemudian hari.

    Semuanya bermula daripada hati :)

  6. saya tak pernah ada keinginan utk merindui dia, cukup. kalau pergi biarkan ia berlalu.. orang kata sampai masa hati kita dah cukup kering utk ditangisi..