Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Mujadafewa River Island Style


after almost a week without any update, now, this is the first entry written using my new fantastic blog theme. nice isn't it? so, this entry is about Mujadafewa Style for River Island Blogger Contest. i know that i am not so good in fashion but as a young girl, fashion really attracts me.

dont laugh at my choice. it is just a choice made by a not-into-fashion girl, me. :P

for Mujadafewa Style, i just want it to be simple, young and suitable for any occasion. plus, it goes according to my norm as a Muslim and Malay. i dont want people to see me wondering of my faith and religion. i want them to see me and immediately know that i am a Muslim :D


i chose sleeveless top sebab i want to wear it with the black jacket. so, i dont really need the sleeves. i choose white because i sense that white is sexy in its own way. kih3

2. Watch

time is precious. so i do hope this very elegant looking watch will picture the importance of time. with the diamonds, elegance is just the word!

3. Jacket

i have never had a peplum before so i really feel that this peplum jacket will suit any sleeveless tops. it has a zip. i like zip. it is kind of a rock element in a jacket. lets rock! :D

4. Ring

even though i dont like too much accessories on me but i am sure my style will be lacking without a ring on my finger. i just love silver-colored ring. it appears so special and gorgeous!

5. Long pants

for this style, i dont use jeans because i really want something different because i dont like to be similar to anyone else. so, i chose this pink pants as the completion of my Mujadafewa's Style! love it! :D
6. Handbag
i just love the bag because the size is just nice for a simple style. Mujadafewa River Island Style. i can have everything i need in it. handbag is just a life savior for me. i really need to bring it everywhere i go. 

7. Tudung:

scarf is very important to me and this blue printed tudung is just nice. long shawls can be worn in many ways. i just have to benefit youtube. i know it is not the best but if i were given to choose few stuff at Zalora, i will choose this combination. definitely. :D


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    1. ye ke,, mcam plik je,, hahaa,, saje join,, mana tahu menang,, kih3

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  3. menarik. nak join juga lah. good luck ya.

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  5. nak joinn! tapi takde masa nak update. ekekeke