Friday, February 28, 2014

One Thing About A Boy

One Thing About A Boy | This is only my opinion. If you get mad, up to you.

One thing about  a boy
As I grow up I can see better
Despite my eyes become blurrier
I can see clearer
How much a girl and a boy differ
Ironic, yes it is
Why they are just made to be together
Because they complete each other

one thing about a boy, boys and girls
By the way, Domino's Pizza is already here in Kelantan. :)

But one thing about a boy
Letting go is harder than anything in this world
Even though letting go of something they don't really treasure
Even they don't want it anymore
Keeping it is still something they prefer
Yes, I am curious like you too why boys are like this
Maybe they just love to be a treasurer
They treasure things from far
Kept in a glass cupboard and leave it there
Not care because he knows it will never go missing
Hurting inside? Absorb this. They don't care.

One thing about a boy
Yeah! it is hard to believe how much we differ
Even when we are missing somebody we miss in different ways
We are like birds in the sky and leeches in the earth
Too different from one another
But birds love leeches so much
Hey. I don't say birds are girls or leeches are boys

One thing about a boy
Sometimes he can make u seem like a world to him
And that some time becomes very precious to you
Even though most of the time he makes you feel not more than a lamp post,
Ligthing up the street at night
Important, never noticed but always needed

One thing about a boy
When he does not talk to you for more than 10 days
Leave him and move on
He has got a new one babe
Trust me.


  1. ngah seriuss zara baca entry ni bila nampk iklan pasal dominos tuu.. snyom zara skejap.. =D

    1. huhuu,, muja terexcited sebab setelah sekian lama,, rindu kat dominos terhapus,, ekekkee

  2. jap nk buka google translate dulu..hahahaha

  3. kene google translate baru paham cikgu..ehhee

  4. Nice.. Betul la kot entry one thing about boy nie.. :D