Sunday, March 02, 2014

Limits Of Applying Moral Values

Limits of Applying Moral Values | Assalaamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakaatuh. I told you it has been a hectic week with my heart and it seems like the Sun is still not shining in my world this week. Today, I did a public speaking on the topic; Moral values. I want to share it with you all.

Limits of applying moral values. There is always a limit to whatever we do in life. Even when we eat, we should eat to the limit that our body needs. I am always not confident with myself that I allow bad things to happen to me and I really hope nobody feels as terrible as I am feeling right now. So, I just want to tell you my opinion. It is really up to you not to accept this.

limits of applying moral values, ninja turtle, devianart
I always feel the insecurity like this turtle when people always see me as loud as the thunder.
From DevianArt

Once upon a time, I was a prefect in my school and I was the student that had been a prefect for the longest period. Because of my limitless moral value, I appointed a new prefect to be the head girl as a courtesy and I lost the position. I was so confident that she would be a better head girls than I ever could be. My sister was so mad at me as she had appointed me. It is okay dear. :'(

Once upon a time, I wanted somebody to be mine. I wanted him so much that it hurts when I see him online but never greeted me. After that, I know my best friend is having a crush for him and I encouraged her to grab his heart. I told her to just tell him how she feels. I don't want her to regret like me. Now, she succeeded in getting what she wants. It is okay dear. :')

Once upon a time, I was a very hardworking girl, doing all the house chores. Then, somebody started to call me 'bibik'. It was hurtful even though that somebody was actually joking. I felt degraded in my own house and I could not say anything. Now, I am lazy to do everything. Just letting everything is mess. Fortunately, that somebody turned to be very hardworking now.

We should be kind, but never be too kind that you get hurt by your own kindness.
We should be honest, but never be too honest that people use your honesty to stab you.
We should be generous, but never too generous that you become poor.
We should be confident, but never too confident that you may die from the confidence.

ps- rasa tak yakin diri sungguh sampai rasa macam nak cancel je pergi SBB2014. kalau tak fikirkan tiket dah beli, rasanya memang tak pergi dah. :'(


  1. kl tak pergi'll regret more! kena pergi... nothing wrong being over kind, honest, generous and it for Allah & you'll get great gift in return :) p.s: about the somebody...soon you will find the one! ehehe...wish you luck

    1. tq sarah.. u really change some part of me.. huhuu

  2. dun let anyone bring you down,keep ur heads up girl :)
    most importantly, dun let anyone hurt u or take advantage of u in any way!

  3. Fuuhhh.. speaking london entry kali ni.. =D