Thursday, April 30, 2015

I Miss My Man

I miss my man
I remember the time
When i sneaked out an hour earlier
To fetch my sister
To meet him at KFC

I miss my man
I remember the time
We tried to look for matching shirts
Kinda in thing to wear alike
Not really cared of an over-sized i had on

I miss my man
Talking on the phone for hours everyday
As if everyday was our last day
Pouring our hearts out
Even what we ate could be an interesting topic

I miss my man
The way he refused to stop talking
Because I was his only entertainment
Talking to me gave him pleasure
I knew.. I was loved..

I miss my man
He would call me at least twice a day
He said twice was the minimum
I didn't mind.. I would be waiting
The phone battery never left empty

I miss my man
Texting to him from moment I woke up
To the moment I fell asleep
Then my life would be complete
Smiling closing my eyes
Wishing to have him in my dream

I miss him.. Waiting for him.. To come back to me..


  1. Cantik lah muja ni :)
    i miss my fiancee too :(
    #undescribe feeling

    1. i bet your fiancee is missing u too.. i bet mine is not..

  2. Saya Suka dengan desain blognya :)