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Tips To Make Your Place Into An Airbnb

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There are many properties for sale in Malaysia, such as Casa Green Bukit Jalil. Are you interested in earning some extra money from your property? You could definitely earn some extra money by renting out a room or maybe, renting out the whole unit. If you have a unit that you are not staying in, you could consider listing your place on Airbnb. This article will guide you through some tips to make your place into an Airbnb.

1. Make sure it is safe

The first rule of making your place into an Airbnb is to make sure the premise is safe. Remove the exposed wires or other hazards that you see. Get your electrical appliances serviced before you list your property on Airbnb. In addition, it would also be good to have a well stocked first aid kit in your unit, in case of emergencies. Leave your phone number and email at a place that can be easily seen and reached out to, should your your guests need to reach out to you. Leaving your phone number and email makes you accessible when your guests have any questions or problems.

2. Presentation is important

Presentation is key. Most people choose Airbnb based on the presentation. Let’s admit this, nobody wants a boring or dirty unit to stay in, especially if it is for a holiday. The first step to making your unit presentable is to make sure your unit is clean. Clean the floor and dispose the trashcan. Use a camera to take the pictures of your unit from multiple angles before you post them onto the website. After that, write a good description of your property to let people know more about your listing.

Think minimalism. Minimalism has become a trend for the past few years. Most people like it clean and tidy, with minimal designs or furniture. Declutter your space. Clear away unwanted items. Nobody wants to living in a cluttered place. A clean and roomy space is what most people are looking for nowadays.

If you do not have the time to clean the space, you could always hire professional to help you with cleaning. Since the guests will be paying a cleaning fee, you could definitely use a professional help to make sure the space is always clean and free from rubbish.

3. Amenities for guests

Make sure there is a comfortable bed for your guest. Good quality pillows are important as well. Use only quality sheets for the bed and pillow to make your guests feel comfortable. You could also provide extra blankets and pillows for your guests too. You want your guests to leave good reviews for your listing. Therefore, make the bed as comfortable as you can to ensure good night sleeps. Guests who could not sleep well due to uncomfortable bed are not going to leave good reviews for sure.

Having a universal charging station will give you extra brownie points too. Everyone has at least a phone nowadays and it is essential to have their devices fully charged before they headed out.

Keep a small electric fan in your unit just in case your guests do not need the air conditioner. An electric fan will then be a savior to them. A blackout curtain is important too if the bedroom is in the direction of the morning sun. Remember, guests who could not sleep well will not leave good reviews for your listing. Therefore, it is important to keep your guests happy and comfortable throughout their stay.

As for the bathroom, make sure it is clean and the draining is clear of dirt to prevent clogging problems. Give extra shampoos, body wash and other toiletries for your guests. Provide your guests with basic toiletries in case your guests forget to bring them. The basic toiletries include, soap, toothbrush, toothpaste, shampoo, and razor. You could place them in a basket or just on the bathroom counter. Hang the towels on the rack or in a closet along with the bathrobes.

If your unit comes with cooking stove, washing machine and dryer, you could also provide them with clear and simple instructions on how to use. Teach them how to operate some major appliances. Write down the Wi-Fi password so that your guests could access to the Internet connection. If there are any rules that you want your guests to abide to, do list them down and place it at a place where it can easily be seen.

Coffee and tea will be a good idea too. Have at least the basic 3 in 1 coffee or tea for guests to enjoy. If your unit allows cooking, you could also leave some eggs and cooking oil, in case your guests want to cook.

In conclusion, listing your property on Airbnb is a great way to earn extra money. However, do bear in mind that there is plenty of work to be done before your guests arrives. You will also need to keep your property clean and tidy all the time.

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